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While I sit in the park jiggling the pusher while the boys sleep I’ve been looking at some old drafts of stories. For a start I love Dropbox. It lets me access my documents from any computer and work on the latest version. Including on the phone. Brilliant! Secondly I’m really happy with the latest […]

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Starting out #3

#3 Don’t make publishers guess If you’re cutting-edge and can’t quite see how to make your stuff work in the current publishing environment – don’t assume someone else will. Yes, lots of publishers have an eagle eye and a thirst for the Next Big Thing, but they are also very busy. So a bit of […]

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Starting out #2

Here’s another one… #2 Folios 1. Don’t put anything in there that you don’t want to do! Sounds simple but it’s funny how often we assume we should cover everything. If you hate drawing technical pictures – don’t put them in your folio. If you hate a particular style that everyone else is doing, don’t […]

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Starting out #1

Last week in amongst markets, talks and meetings – was mentoring. There were three sessions, one hour each and it was terrific. I feel pretty privileged to get to see the work of people at all different stages of their careers – some just beginning, others well and truly on the way but perhaps just […]

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from the Little Bird… art materials

Hi all. Here’s some info I’ve been meaning to pass on for ages. Setting up your studio is expensive and here’s the cheapest place I’ve ever found for getting paints, easels and other materials. I last used them months ago – I got a heap of Art Spectrum oil paints and a giant studio easel. […]

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