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New cards

I’m working on some new cards today. This is a favourite of mine and I’m thinking of turning it into a print too. I think the rabbit has just hopped out of the wallpaper…

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Mondoodle 8-11-2010

I have been thoroughly AWOL for the last couple of weeks because I was in JAPAN! (Insert face-breakingly enormous smiley here.) And what’s more it was for a holiday. An actual holiday – I took no drafts, didn’t jot ideas, wrote none of my novel and only drew about twice. Really and truly. It was […]

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Quick-draw Rabbit plus one

I’m thinking that with these videos, while you watch the sequence of strokes, you might also watch a story unfold if I sketch it in the right order. That’s tricky for me as it requires a certain amount of planning, and I have been enjoying letting the drawing do its own thing to an extent. […]

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oh ek its cold!

Ok so last week we were in Cairns. Yes a holiday! It was beautiful and warm and the seas were brimful of fluorescent fish. Like puppy here… oh what a gorgeous boy. Makes me want to get back into my fish book idea. And now we’re back in Melbourne and it’s cold. Oh, so cold. […]

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