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Quick-draw – crusty pirate

Here’s another Quick-draw. Oh I do enjoy these and I’m starting to get used to drawing without watching the page. I’ll upgrade it to HD when I work out how – the option didn’t seem to present itself this time. Do click the HQ button though for a better view. And you can turn off […]

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tracing, revivification and travel

I have three things to say. 1. I love my lightbox. (Thank you Peter, lightbox-maker.) 2. I am gratefully much less dead now. 3. I will be in Sydney this weekend for ASA madness (Barbara Jefferis Award, AGM and Colin Simpson Memorial lecture – being given by the eloquent Shaun Tan) stretching from Friday evening […]

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update on the update

Apologies for the silence – I’ve well and truly had my head down working! Here’s an update on that update… The maps are done. Typical me – when they could have been stylised and simple I had to do all the little houses and sheds… There were two maps in the end, created in black […]

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tricking the wind

Momentum is a funny thing. When I’m working at full-tilt the ideas stream out, I can do multiple books at one time – progressing this, finishing that and sneaking a new idea or two on paper to look at later. Pens and pencils wear down, watercolour palettes empty and it can feel great multi-tasking like […]

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