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Mondoodle 18-10-2010

Here’s a happy one I was in class last night and the pen was playing around (picture a disembodied hand autonomously drawing if you like). And here’s what it drew. Some time ago I did a girl in gumboots and mud using a newspaper as an umbrella. I liked that so it found its way […]

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Mondoodle 04-10-2010

I was trawling through photos of our cat (and others) this evening on my return from Uni. Partly because I wanted to see what reference shots I had of our feline friends, and partly looking for inspiration for a Mondoodle. And so I came across one of our cat, taken through a window, after he […]

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Mondoodle 13-09-2010

I am typing to the sound of lumpy bricks being assaulted. It’s a bit of a mafia job really – think noses and ears being removed before being given concrete boots. Another way of looking at it is that we’re having some of our walls rendered, including in the studio. Which means my studio doesn’t […]

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Mondoodle 06-09-2010

Here’s a little one I didn’t quite get to upload yesterday. I might colour it actually. He’s called Fly-Boy. I think you can see why. Very intrepid! Drawn in the studio on Monday September 6, 2010. It’s Spring! Bring on some sunshine.

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Mondoodle 02-08-2010

After three days alternating between couch and bed I’m feeling much better, if not sounding it! I don’t think I’m patient enough to ever get a long-term illness. I was sorry to miss the market and to not get out into the sun today. Winter can have some amazing weather and I saw it all […]

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Mondoodle 26-07-2010

Do I need to go somewhere different for a little while? Or did I just need to send a character there? A journey somewhere warm and interesting would be good. Somewhere peaceful… With long views of distant mountains and enormous clouds forming and unforming overhead. Yes. That would be nice. Drawn Monday July 26, 2010 […]

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Mondoodle 19-07-2010

This is a character I’ve been playing with a little. I’m calling her the bumblebee girl. I know what happens next! She’s a good explorer but those are slippery poles and there are so many strange things beneath the waves. Drawn in the lounge on the comfy blue couch at 9pm, Monday 19th July, 2010. […]

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Mondoodle 12-07-2010

Winter is very much here in Melbourne and so I was on a tram this evening coming back from Novel class, instead of on the bike. A useful thing about trams is how the mind wanders and curls. And how, for no reason whatsoever, the strangest drawings happen. I find this guy slightly disturbing although […]

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Mondoodle 05-07-2010

No excuse. None. Preoccupied, but not kidnapped. Working, but not in a jungle with no internet. I was teaching a class of Junior Fiction writers today and it took me back to some of my absolute favourite books. That was a segue from ‘kidnapped’. Did anyone else get an unrealistic expectation from childhood novels that […]

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Mondoodle 28-06-2010

Yes, you are caught in a time loop. You thought it was Tuesday but it’s Monday again, and again. Which is good because it means it’s drawing day and I’m not late! If I was (and I’m still liking the time loop story) it was because I had an evil migraine on Sunday night which […]

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