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A surprise package has arrived…

…Containing the advance copy of my new book. What a moment! Pete opened it for me in the car as we took the kids to child care and it was so hard to wait for the traffic lights to steal glances at it. I am so incredibly happy with it – the cover is so […]

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No email!

Oh dear. It looks like the last mail out if the invitation has broken my email! If you are trying to contact me, please use Elise.hurst@gmail.com until we are back from whatever bottomless pit I’ve been cast into. You can also find me on Facebook – click the Facebook link to your right

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All work for the show is new and for sale. The opening night is on Thursday 7th November, but the exhibition will be open for preview on Tuesday and Wednesday. Works will be gradually added to the exhibition website this week. Please come along and join us! Feel free to pass this along to others […]

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New cards

I’m working on some new cards today. This is a favourite of mine and I’m thinking of turning it into a print too. I think the rabbit has just hopped out of the wallpaper…

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Mondoodle 30-01-2012

Hello all. This is a little character I created recently… Just playing. I could easily have done dark hair and different colouring… In fact I might. It would be interesting to see how many permutations can be made of one sketch and how Right they would seem. I suppose I draw white characters first because […]

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Mondoodle 07-08-2011

I’m keeping you on your toes. See what I’m doing here? It’s a Mondoodle but it’s a Sunday and here I am posting it anyway. Shazam!   Drawn in my studio with the sun going down, the sky darkening to deep murky blue with a pen and a little watercolour. I’ve had a lovely day […]

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Mondoodle 14-02-2011

It’s a little late but I’m pretty happy to be back in the swing of things! Well almost Drawn on Monday 14th February 2011 at Residential cafe with the boys sleeping in the pram by my side.

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Mondoodle 17-01-2011

So how d’ya like these apples? A real Mondoodle. On a Monday. Drawn on a Monday. Yes, this Monday. Hooray! My hands were having a good evening and let me draw a bit. Yes, still tingly and weird and sensitive and sore but – hooray! She’s the Hummingirl. I have always been a huge fan […]

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Mondoodle 10-01-2011

Here’s another snippet for a Mondoodle until I get the use of my hands back! Should be soon… Typing isn’t too bad but I do a lot of key mis-hitting through lack of feeling. Ah well. It’s fun to look back at some of my pictures and have a close peek at things in the […]

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Mondoodle 15-11-2010

I still get a shock that it’s November. Which I think might have something to do with the reality that the boys are due in Feb (which I think will be mid Jan). And so I thought I’d draw some boys to help get me used to it. But after how they’ve been kicking me […]

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