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A new Koko Black commission

So my secret job of the last week was to work on a new painting for Koko Black. This one is for their Christmas boxes and it was interesting to think of what iconic elements of Christmas to involve in the design – while still doing something that different and particular to my style. As […]

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Let there be Guppies

I have just discovered guppies. How did that take so long? It’s funny how many things I’ve been completely disinterested in until I drew one and suddenly shazaam. Instant obsession! It happened for a while with ships when I went down to the docks one day with my mum to paint the old tugboats at […]

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In the shadows of the night

You may have seen me working on this one at recent markets. Well, in the last week I’ve moved it and the cafe rabbit down to the living room to finish them off (too hot upstairs!) and here he is. I’m still making slight adjustments to the chair and background tones… but otherwise he’s about […]

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My Palette

So the word Palette can refer to two different things… 1. The actual surface people mix their paints on which can be anything from an icecream tub lid to a beautiful wooden thing with thumb-hole and all. 2. The range of colours that the artist uses when painting. One of the things that I noticed […]

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