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Mondoodle 08-03-2010

Over the weekend I have done two markets. The first was in the St Kilda Town Hall on Saturday. For those of you not in Melbourne, it was wrath-of-god type of day. I was well-inside the beautiful old hall – well-dwarfed by tall arches, well-sheltered by lofty ceilings… when half-way through the afternoon the skies […]

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In the shadows of the night

You may have seen me working on this one at recent markets. Well, in the last week I’ve moved it and the cafe rabbit down to the living room to finish them off (too hot upstairs!) and here he is. I’m still making slight adjustments to the chair and background tones… but otherwise he’s about […]

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Starting out #1

Last week in amongst markets, talks and meetings – was mentoring. There were three sessions, one hour each and it was terrific. I feel pretty privileged to get to see the work of people at all different stages of their careers – some just beginning, others well and truly on the way but perhaps just […]

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My Palette

So the word Palette can refer to two different things… 1. The actual surface people mix their paints on which can be anything from an icecream tub lid to a beautiful wooden thing with thumb-hole and all. 2. The range of colours that the artist uses when painting. One of the things that I noticed […]

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