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Mondoodle 24-01-2011

My hands weren’t up to drawing today but it doesn’t matter because I received something very exciting to share! The Russians are releasing the Moorehawke Trilogy by Celine Kiernan and they’re using my covers. Woohoo! And here’s the first one! I LOVE it. I’ve always found it very exciting to see any of my work […]

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New arrivals!

I have been quiet for a while! After the show I took a little break – the first in a very long time. And have been getting back into a variety of projects slowly. I even had a break from painting although I’m getting twitchy around paintbrushes now – its definitely time to pick them […]

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Moorehawke covers

Hey guys, I’m allowed to show you the final Moorehawke covers now! Written by the wondrous Celine Kiernan and published here by Allen & Unwin – I can’t wait to see them in-store! Here are each of the individual covers and the collated image below. I’ve heard that they’re developing some great posters for the […]

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The first Moorehawke cover

And here it is! The first cover and left hand piece of the triptych. It’s going to be mainly black and white. Lovely!

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The three covers

…are done! Complete, polished-off, kaput, done, done and done. (Do I sound relieved?) And I’m really happy with them. It’s been a very interesting project and a very hard one. Here are some of the unique challenges: * Having three dramatic phases of picture – usually there is one focal point and the rest organises […]

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