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There are no words for my relief and joy tonight! I have finished my book. For the last 6 weeks I have worked till 2am (on average ) to get it done and used every moment I reasonably could. I feel like I did 4 months work in one. It’s been crazy. And in the […]

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Mondoodle 14-02-2011

It’s a little late but I’m pretty happy to be back in the swing of things! Well almost Drawn on Monday 14th February 2011 at Residential cafe with the boys sleeping in the pram by my side.

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Mondoodle 04-10-2010

I was trawling through photos of our cat (and others) this evening on my return from Uni. Partly because I wanted to see what reference shots I had of our feline friends, and partly looking for inspiration for a Mondoodle. And so I came across one of our cat, taken through a window, after he […]

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Mondoodle 14-06-2010

I was writing today in a cafe and (everyone who has ever workshopped with me can laugh now) I did a new beginning to my novel. This is something I do (shuffles awkwardly) well, quite often. In fact I am known for multiple first chapters. It’s a talent. Someone’s got to have it. One day […]

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Anatomy of a Drawing 1

I thought it would be interesting to dissect a drawing, so to speak. This is one from my Moleskines collection, book two. It began with a what should I draw? kind of question, and a suggestion from Peter of a walrus. No more of an idea than that. I pulled up photos from the computer […]

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Mondoodle 4-1-10

Greetings from the other side of the new year. I hope some of you got to travel to wonderful places… This is a Part One style mondoodle. Let’s see where it goes from here… there’s a whole blank page to the left still to be filled. Drawn in the lounge at 10.50pm, Monday 4th January […]

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Mondoodle 14-12-09

I started this on the 11th December, when Pete and I were in the Paris Cat jazz club. A beautiful lady was singing, the lights were low and we were celebrating Pete’s birthday with cocktails and fine wine. A magical night. Most of this was drawn in the semi-dark and finished off today. Paris Cat, […]

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Mondoodle 7-12-09

So I found myself today on Lygon st in Carlton, having mistaken the date for another and arrived, all aflutter, for a meeting that wasn’t. Earlier I had lost a notebook with story ideas and pictures then found it at the gym. I had, in between these events, inspected my recycling twice, come to know […]

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Mondoodle 30-11-09

Here’s today’s offering – the completion of the picture last week. Monday 30 November 2009

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Mondoodle 23-11-09

This one is a work-in-progress. I’ll keep updating it as I go. It’s in my current Moleskine sketchbook, started today. Lounge, 8pm, Monday 23 November 2009 I’m not getting to cafes enough to draw so this is wish-fulfillment!

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