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Moorehawke covers

Hey guys, I’m allowed to show you the final Moorehawke covers now! Written by the wondrous Celine Kiernan and published here by Allen & Unwin – I can’t wait to see them in-store! Here are each of the individual covers and the collated image below. I’ve heard that they’re developing some great posters for the […]

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happy hovering rabbit

Tis the weekend of rabbits, among a great many other things depending on your existential predilections. So here’s a quiet bunny to mark the occasion. It’s drawn in pen and is from one of my Moleskine sketchbooks – hence the crease.

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perhaps I was hasty…

There are trees growing behind my eyelids. I know because every time I close them it’s all I can see. Trees and trees and trees. All drawn in tight pen strokes – contoured, shaded, twisting and slightly incomplete. So maybe I couldn’t actually draw trees forever. I was thinking I’d take a little break from […]

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scary dell

Here’s one of the roughs I’ve just done. I say rough but you can see I got a little carried away! Oh I love drawing trees. It’s part of a possible picture for the Findhorn book. No one’s given me feedback on it yet as I only just sent it to the editor… but I […]

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