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Today’s thought about Charlie Brown, drawing and the glory of the epic fail

Pete was reading something about an old Charlie Brown movie this morning and we got talking about how no one would make that movie now. In it, Charlie Brown suffers dissapointment after disappointment only to lose in the end and feel utterly miserable. It is all true to form for poor old Chuck, and it […]

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Advice: drafting and reading aloud

Next installment taken from email Q&As Now we all know that picture books will be read out loud to kids. So this means that it is absolutely vital for writers to read their work out loud as they draft it so we know how it sounds. However, even that is not fool-proof. Read on: We […]

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Advice: the illustrator’s job – storyboards and roughs

Here’s another response to a question relating to being provided with suggestions for the pictures or a storyboard by the writer: This sounds terrible but I’d rather not ever have suggestions from the author on the visuals. The exception being something vital that is not mentioned in the story, but is intrinsic to it (like […]

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Advice: charging for illustrations

I’ve been answering quite a few emails lately seeking advice on aspects of the industry. So I thought I’d put some tailored excerpts here in case anyone else was wondering the same things. Don’t forget, there is always the Getting Published page too which has lots more info and suggestions, especially about whether or not […]

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Starting out #3

#3 Don’t make publishers guess If you’re cutting-edge and can’t quite see how to make your stuff work in the current publishing environment – don’t assume someone else will. Yes, lots of publishers have an eagle eye and a thirst for the Next Big Thing, but they are also very busy. So a bit of […]

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Starting out #1

Last week in amongst markets, talks and meetings – was mentoring. There were three sessions, one hour each and it was terrific. I feel pretty privileged to get to see the work of people at all different stages of their careers – some just beginning, others well and truly on the way but perhaps just […]

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