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my shiny new design site

You know… it can get a little awkward when I chat to professionals who say that they haven’t got a website yet and they really should get around to that. Then they ask if I have one And I have to admit to having more than one. Well, (haha) now I have one more. It’s […]

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Anatomy of a Drawing 1

I thought it would be interesting to dissect a drawing, so to speak. This is one from my Moleskines collection, book two. It began with a what should I draw? kind of question, and a suggestion from Peter of a walrus. No more of an idea than that. I pulled up photos from the computer […]

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Catwalk time

Something I’ve always enjoyed about illustration is the fact that you have to design everything. And I mean really everything. In even the most simple books you have to clothe and house your characters. While I could have everyone wearing t-shirts and jeans… what fun is that? Much more interesting to give each character their […]

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