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Mondoodle 04-10-2010

I was trawling through photos of our cat (and others) this evening on my return from Uni. Partly because I wanted to see what reference shots I had of our feline friends, and partly looking for inspiration for a Mondoodle. And so I came across one of our cat, taken through a window, after he […]

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Mondoodle 02-08-2010

After three days alternating between couch and bed I’m feeling much better, if not sounding it! I don’t think I’m patient enough to ever get a long-term illness. I was sorry to miss the market and to not get out into the sun today. Winter can have some amazing weather and I saw it all […]

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Mondoodle 01-02-10

I love seeing kids when they’ve obviously dressed themselves. Tutus, footy socks, odd hats and fairy wings. The boys do it too, I’m happy to say. I have yet to see a goth couple’s kid but I would hope they’d have access to even more outlandish garb. Brilliant! Reminds me of parties in my uni […]

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Mondoodle 4-1-10

Greetings from the other side of the new year. I hope some of you got to travel to wonderful places… This is a Part One style mondoodle. Let’s see where it goes from here… there’s a whole blank page to the left still to be filled. Drawn in the lounge at 10.50pm, Monday 4th January […]

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Mondoodle 2-11-09

My cat, with some elaborations… Drawn in pen with watercolour, roughly 10 mins. Lounge room, grumpy cat on my foot, 7.30pm 2nd November 2009

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more workshops

How brilliant are these artists? I taught a cat-drawing workshop at the East Melbourne Library yesterday – we had so much fun. Here are some of the wonderful creations by the kids, a great group of 12, playing with watercolour and pencils. Have a look at these beauties! Hey kids – If I’ve missed putting […]

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two cats

I remember growing up loving Norman Lindsay’s cat illustrations. I never had a copy of them myself but would look at them when I visited my Grandpa’s house. They were all just black line work – not sure it they were pen or etchings. So expressive! Now that I have a cat of my own… […]

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