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Today’s thought about Charlie Brown, drawing and the glory of the epic fail

Pete was reading something about an old Charlie Brown movie this morning and we got talking about how no one would make that movie now. In it, Charlie Brown suffers dissapointment after disappointment only to lose in the end and feel utterly miserable. It is all true to form for poor old Chuck, and it […]

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Things I wish I knew before…

There is such a big list of those – but specificially I was asked for three things I wish I had known when I was starting out as an illustrator. The article, written by Larissa Ham, was published in today’s edition of The Age. Cool! We asked a successful illustrator, two entrepreneur mates and a […]

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The Autumn Aisle

This is the final painting from the wedding and I’m pretty happy with it  The interesting problem was to capture the essence of the event which was spread over a few hours, with changing light from daylight to night time, strong light to mood lighting including uplighting under some trees and down lighting in other […]

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I love…

…that people do this around here. Does anyone else have subversive guerilla knitters in their area? These snazzy little numbers are around tree protectors in Princes Park, but there are some fine bollard jerseys and bike rail warmers nearby too. Do they sew them on by torchlight, do you think? Are you a knitter?

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Inspiration & deadlines

It’s been a difficult week and one that has really shown me a reality of continuing my job with the twins on the scene. They’ve been sick on and off for well over a month now (a mixture of the one-year innoculations, child care and who-knows-what-else). Poor little guys. I’ve been used to working with […]

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While I sit in the park jiggling the pusher while the boys sleep I’ve been looking at some old drafts of stories. For a start I love Dropbox. It lets me access my documents from any computer and work on the latest version. Including on the phone. Brilliant! Secondly I’m really happy with the latest […]

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Working, sort of

I’m sitting and rocking the twin pusher with my feet right now and I’m thinking. For starters, I’m wondering how the term ‘untoward’ came about (‘from’ seems about as meaningful – toward what? And un-toward? I’ll be off the OED methinks for that one). I’m also thinking about a draft I just did of a […]

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One day

Oh how I’d love to write about all of the drawing I’m doing. I do have one new moleskine image… A boy climbing a big old silver birch… But it’s not ready yet. What a change these boys have wrought! Seven days a week working has dropped to a clawed-back one, the brush and pencil […]

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Writing surprises

I had an interesting and fun time at a school on Monday doing sessions with the kids, this time with two awesome groups of grade 3s, and also a year 9 writing group. That was a session looking at the different ways picture books can work, especially when dealing with more adult ideas. We looked […]

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…in a cafe. What bliss!

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