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The three covers

…are done! Complete, polished-off, kaput, done, done and done. (Do I sound relieved?) And I’m really happy with them. It’s been a very interesting project and a very hard one. Here are some of the unique challenges: * Having three dramatic phases of picture – usually there is one focal point and the rest organises […]

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The little bird wants to note…

I just got an email tonight from a friend who mentioned that the CBCA shortlist is out. Putting down my pirates (the nib is splatting ink everywhere tonight), I had a quick look to see which friends are up there in all their glory. Some surprises, some well-deserveds, some omissions of my favourites, as will […]

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from the Little Bird… art materials

Hi all. Here’s some info I’ve been meaning to pass on for ages. Setting up your studio is expensive and here’s the cheapest place I’ve ever found for getting paints, easels and other materials. I last used them months ago – I got a heap of Art Spectrum oil paints and a giant studio easel. […]

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