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There are no words for my relief and joy tonight! I have finished my book. For the last 6 weeks I have worked till 2am (on average ) to get it done and used every moment I reasonably could. I feel like I did 4 months work in one. It’s been crazy. And in the […]

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City book progress

Here’s a new bit of the book I’m working on Pterodactyls! I was working late last night with music playing and the pen flying. So much fun!

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2013 Calendar!!

Hooray here it is! I’m sooo happy with this – the paper is thick and creamy-white and the printing quality is beautiful. The calendar comprises of twelve images, a mixture of paintings and drawings, and enough space to write (if you want to actually use it as a calendar). I just love having changing artwork […]

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New Print!

We have a new addition to the print family! The Flying Bear rises slowly through the air until the clouds pile and tower around him – a floating city. On the breeze are whispers from the land below so that if he closes his eyes he can feel the world around him in all its […]

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Mondoodle 02-07-2012

What else could I draw on such a cold day? It’s been so long since I awarded myself some time aimless drawing time in a cafe and I have to say it is good for the soul. This one is done with my lovely brush pen (the one that holds the ink inside it). It […]

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The Autumn Aisle

This is the final painting from the wedding and I’m pretty happy with it  The interesting problem was to capture the essence of the event which was spread over a few hours, with changing light from daylight to night time, strong light to mood lighting including uplighting under some trees and down lighting in other […]

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Ooooo Koko Black!

What a pleasure was Thursday. The day began at Koko Black in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne. My fellow judges and I spread out the drawings and began the delightful process of selecting the twenty we loved the most in the adult division and the five most brilliant in the junior. It was hard! You […]

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Hot off the press…

It’s market day tomorrow and I have TWO NEW THINGS. Shiny and new. Spangly even! First of all, drumroll please, we have a clear favourite in the great print decision. There were many votes – at coffee shops, at the market, online, from the casting of bones and, yay-verily, a little  tea-leaf reading… and so […]

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It’s time to cast your vote

Hello everyone! Now I know you all have good taste and that you know what you like when you see it – so I need you to lend me your talents. I have been asked for more ‘boy prints’ more often than you could believe. So… here we go. Below are two drawings that I […]

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How lovely lovely lovely is this? Koko Black now have made these characters of mine into the most gorgeous moulded chocolates. I LOVE them. And to show just how much I love them… I accidentally went through a couple of these when I was taking the photo. Snap, then before I knew it – another […]

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