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Reviews coming in for Imagine a City

I’ve had a few great reviews already and am getting some wonderful feedback from those who have seen advance copies. Here are some of the highlights: Firstly from Readings Books  reviewed by Alexa Dretzke   28 MAY 2014 “Elise Hurst’s masterful use of pen and ink has created an atmospheric world where mysterious happenings occur while an adult and […]

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A surprise package has arrived…

…Containing the advance copy of my new book. What a moment! Pete opened it for me in the car as we took the kids to child care and it was so hard to wait for the traffic lights to steal glances at it. I am so incredibly happy with it – the cover is so […]

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New Book Trailer

Things are gearing up for the new book! So, it was time to make a trailer… Some of you might recognise some of the work in here. One day I’d love to learn how to do some animation but I suspect that will take more than a week’s idle play I hope you like it.

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my new Christmas Chocolate box for Koko Black!

Koko Black have realeased their Christmas Boxes and I can finally show you my painting! Hooray! I am so proud It came up beautifully on the boxes and they are available for a limited time this Christmas. They are full of hand made BEAUTIFUL chocolates. And Oh so delicious. And did I mention, delicious? Yes. […]

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New cards

I’m working on some new cards today. This is a favourite of mine and I’m thinking of turning it into a print too. I think the rabbit has just hopped out of the wallpaper…

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New girl

Here’s a new girl in honour of all if this rain She is part of a new little series… More details to come…

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my shiny new design site

You know… it can get a little awkward when I chat to professionals who say that they haven’t got a website yet and they really should get around to that. Then they ask if I have one And I have to admit to having more than one. Well, (haha) now I have one more. It’s […]

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A new Koko Black commission

So my secret job of the last week was to work on a new painting for Koko Black. This one is for their Christmas boxes and it was interesting to think of what iconic elements of Christmas to involve in the design – while still doing something that different and particular to my style. As […]

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Rabbit drawing

I’m taking a few minutes to work on a character for my new book. She will be in painted in oils eventually but I’m still practising her and working on her wardrobe and demeanour.

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Sneak peek

Here’s another sneak peek from the book. It’s a picture that I redid after finally seeing the whole book together. It’s interesting, that final stage of work. Toward the end of a long book, I often find that my style and technique have developed over time so that, when I look back, my early pictures […]

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