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Mondoodle 22-02-2010

Hello again. The lightbox and I have had words. Yep, I’m going to suck it up and stop complaining. And try to finish my work before sun-down… Here’s the Mondoodle. It’s a bit of a case of… here’s one I prepared earlier. Because Of COURSE I wouldn’t get distracted during a tough deadline! That’s just […]

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Quick-draw Rabbit plus one

I’m thinking that with these videos, while you watch the sequence of strokes, you might also watch a story unfold if I sketch it in the right order. That’s tricky for me as it requires a certain amount of planning, and I have been enjoying letting the drawing do its own thing to an extent. […]

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Mondoodle 16-11-09

Does it count if you can see the drawing completed in under the ten minutes? Possibly. I felt like doing something quite different today. My first jobs in illustration were doing fantasy work for some role-playing manuals. I did a lot of dragons and creatures back then, for fun as well as for work. And […]

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Quick-draw – crusty pirate

Here’s another Quick-draw. Oh I do enjoy these and I’m starting to get used to drawing without watching the page. I’ll upgrade it to HD when I work out how – the option didn’t seem to present itself this time. Do click the HQ button though for a better view. And you can turn off […]

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Quick-draw – Solemn Rabbit

Hello my loves. I have been playing… and you know how important I think play-time is… This was done on a Wacom Tablet and captured with CamStudio. I started with a reference photo of a hare and then made up the rest as I went along. I’m basically trying to do some pictures like I […]

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