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New cards

I’m working on some new cards today. This is a favourite of mine and I’m thinking of turning it into a print too. I think the rabbit has just hopped out of the wallpaper…

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Mondoodle 18-03-2013

Yesterday a gang of us went to Carlton Primary School and hung out with the kids there… doing a little teaching, a little drawing and a fair bit of silly entertaining. It was fabulous fun and the kids were brilliant. Hello to everyone I met from Carlton Gardens PS and CPS! Here is one of […]

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Greetings and salutations in the year of 2013

I’ve been in hiding We spent Christmas with just the boys and ourselves, them on their new little bikes and us cheering alongside. It was a nice change of pace after the madness of December and all of those markets. Now that the kids are back into some days of childcare (much to their delight) […]

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Froodle! and two markets

So… here’s a Friday doodle. I needed to treat myself to an aimless bit of drawing time, just for a wee while this morning over a coffee. You know. For my health and such. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. So what else is happening? Two markets are happening this very weekend, that’s […]

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Mondoodle 25-07-2012

Sketched on the couch on Monday night after the kids fell asleep at 8.30pm on 23rd July 2012. I take to a different little sketchbook from time to time when I want to sketch in a different style or really experiment. I love my Moleskines but because I show them to people sometimes for business […]

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Mondoodle 02-07-2012

What else could I draw on such a cold day? It’s been so long since I awarded myself some time aimless drawing time in a cafe and I have to say it is good for the soul. This one is done with my lovely brush pen (the one that holds the ink inside it). It […]

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Mondoodle 03-04-2012

We’re getting closer to a monday! Here’s a doodle… I don’t do many cartoon kinda characters so I play every now and then. Love shadows Drawn in the studio at 3pm on Tuesday 3rd April, 2012. It’s a beautiful day, pale blue sky outside through the leaves of the crabapple tree.

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Mondoodle 28-03-2012

I can’t pretend it’s a Monday. Nope. It’s not even close. But here’s a picture anyway that I just finished in one of my moleskines books. It’s a little steam punk inspired I guess… A little bit fantasy… The cat came from a book idea I’ve had for a while but then things took an […]

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Mondoodle 27-02-2012

Alright this is a bit of an odd one but the academy awards are on in the background and their stilted banter is obviously doing some odd things to my brain. It’s a beard suit, of course. Drawn in the lounge at 9pm.

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Mondoodle 20-02-2012

This is an old picture (well a little) which I have just colored to be used as a card. It is very nerve wracking to colour these! The moleskines are not perfect for watercolour as they have an ever so slightly waxy finish… But the big fear is totally screwing up the picture. Unlike watercolour […]

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