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Mondoodle 25-07-2012

Sketched on the couch on Monday night after the kids fell asleep at 8.30pm on 23rd July 2012. I take to a different little sketchbook from time to time when I want to sketch in a different style or really experiment. I love my Moleskines but because I show them to people sometimes for business […]

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Mondoodle 02-07-2012

What else could I draw on such a cold day? It’s been so long since I awarded myself some time aimless drawing time in a cafe and I have to say it is good for the soul. This one is done with my lovely brush pen (the one that holds the ink inside it). It […]

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Mondoodle 28-03-2012

I can’t pretend it’s a Monday. Nope. It’s not even close. But here’s a picture anyway that I just finished in one of my moleskines books. It’s a little steam punk inspired I guess… A little bit fantasy… The cat came from a book idea I’ve had for a while but then things took an […]

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Mondoodle 20-02-2012

This is an old picture (well a little) which I have just colored to be used as a card. It is very nerve wracking to colour these! The moleskines are not perfect for watercolour as they have an ever so slightly waxy finish… But the big fear is totally screwing up the picture. Unlike watercolour […]

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The year to come

It’s a little hard to talk about the year to come although I feel very excited… because things aren’t pinned down yet. One thing that is is a series of covers I’m doing for a fantasy novel trilogy. I’m working on the roughs right now and trying out all sorts of ideas. I love reading […]

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Hot off the press…

It’s market day tomorrow and I have TWO NEW THINGS. Shiny and new. Spangly even! First of all, drumroll please, we have a clear favourite in the great print decision. There were many votes – at coffee shops, at the market, online, from the casting of bones and, yay-verily, a little¬† tea-leaf reading… and so […]

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It’s time to cast your vote

Hello everyone! Now I know you all have good taste and that you know what you like when you see it – so I need you to lend me your talents. I have been asked for more ‘boy prints’ more often than you could believe. So… here we go. Below are two drawings that I […]

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…in a cafe. What bliss!

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Mondoodle 14-02-2011

It’s a little late but I’m pretty happy to be back in the swing of things! Well almost Drawn on Monday 14th February 2011 at Residential cafe with the boys sleeping in the pram by my side.

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Mondoodle 17-01-2011

So how d’ya like these apples? A real Mondoodle. On a Monday. Drawn on a Monday. Yes, this Monday. Hooray! My hands were having a good evening and let me draw a bit. Yes, still tingly and weird and sensitive and sore but – hooray! She’s the Hummingirl. I have always been a huge fan […]

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