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Quick-draw – crusty pirate

Here’s another Quick-draw. Oh I do enjoy these and I’m starting to get used to drawing without watching the page. I’ll upgrade it to HD when I work out how – the option didn’t seem to present itself this time. Do click the HQ button though for a better view. And you can turn off […]

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Quick-draw – Solemn Rabbit

Hello my loves. I have been playing… and you know how important I think play-time is… This was done on a Wacom Tablet and captured with CamStudio. I started with a reference photo of a hare and then made up the rest as I went along. I’m basically trying to do some pictures like I […]

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On the run and fashion

There’s a little bit of panic that sets in at times each year. It’s when I’m falling behind a little bit with new things looming and I start having unsettling dreams about being chased all the time. No difficulty in interpreting those particular bludgeons of the subconscious. At the moment I’m finishing designs for a […]

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Starting out #3

#3 Don’t make publishers guess If you’re cutting-edge and can’t quite see how to make your stuff work in the current publishing environment – don’t assume someone else will. Yes, lots of publishers have an eagle eye and a thirst for the Next Big Thing, but they are also very busy. So a bit of […]

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Starting out #2

Here’s another one… #2 Folios 1. Don’t put anything in there that you don’t want to do! Sounds simple but it’s funny how often we assume we should cover everything. If you hate drawing technical pictures – don’t put them in your folio. If you hate a particular style that everyone else is doing, don’t […]

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Starting out #1

Last week in amongst markets, talks and meetings – was mentoring. There were three sessions, one hour each and it was terrific. I feel pretty privileged to get to see the work of people at all different stages of their careers – some just beginning, others well and truly on the way but perhaps just […]

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space to breathe and think

Here’s something brilliant about being an illustrator. I’m doing development for my Massive Book at the moment. It’s called The Collector as a working title but I think that’s about to change. The thing is – the story crosses between worlds, civilisations, even realities. So that means envisaging everything to do with these places. If […]

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The three covers

…are done! Complete, polished-off, kaput, done, done and done. (Do I sound relieved?) And I’m really happy with them. It’s been a very interesting project and a very hard one. Here are some of the unique challenges: * Having three dramatic phases of picture – usually there is one focal point and the rest organises […]

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My Palette

So the word Palette can refer to two different things… 1. The actual surface people mix their paints on which can be anything from an icecream tub lid to a beautiful wooden thing with thumb-hole and all. 2. The range of colours that the artist uses when painting. One of the things that I noticed […]

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sound and vision

Every now and then I’ll post something that influences my work. There are films, artworks, music and words that stir my imagination and resonate with what I’m doing or seeking to achieve. Other art-forms are brilliant for influencing us because we take what resonates and mold it into something new. I regularly turn to film […]

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