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New Book Trailer

Things are gearing up for the new book! So, it was time to make a trailer… Some of you might recognise some of the work in here. One day I’d love to learn how to do some animation but I suspect that will take more than a week’s idle play I hope you like it.

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Things I wish I knew before…

There is such a big list of those – but specificially I was asked for three things I wish I had known when I was starting out as an illustrator. The article, written by Larissa Ham, was published in today’s edition of The Age. Cool! We asked a successful illustrator, two entrepreneur mates and a […]

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Advice: drafting and reading aloud

Next installment taken from email Q&As Now we all know that picture books will be read out loud to kids. So this means that it is absolutely vital for writers to read their work out loud as they draft it so we know how it sounds. However, even that is not fool-proof. Read on: We […]

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Advice: the illustrator’s job – storyboards and roughs

Here’s another response to a question relating to being provided with suggestions for the pictures or a storyboard by the writer: This sounds terrible but I’d rather not ever have suggestions from the author on the visuals. The exception being something vital that is not mentioned in the story, but is intrinsic to it (like […]

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Advice: charging for illustrations

I’ve been answering quite a few emails lately seeking advice on aspects of the industry. So I thought I’d put some tailored excerpts here in case anyone else was wondering the same things. Don’t forget, there is always the Getting Published page too which has lots more info and suggestions, especially about whether or not […]

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Mondoodle 01-03-2010

Today’s Mondoodle is one of my favourites. Although it feels like it came from nowhere… today I looked an “Bird” the artists book by Kat Macleod, I sat having a coffee at uni with papers swirling and flapping around me in a vortex of wind, I flew home fast on my bicycle in the cool […]

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Mondoodle 22-02-2010

Hello again. The lightbox and I have had words. Yep, I’m going to suck it up and stop complaining. And try to finish my work before sun-down… Here’s the Mondoodle. It’s a bit of a case of… here’s one I prepared earlier. Because Of COURSE I wouldn’t get distracted during a tough deadline! That’s just […]

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Anatomy of a Drawing 1

I thought it would be interesting to dissect a drawing, so to speak. This is one from my Moleskines collection, book two. It began with a what should I draw? kind of question, and a suggestion from Peter of a walrus. No more of an idea than that. I pulled up photos from the computer […]

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Quick-draw Rabbit plus one

I’m thinking that with these videos, while you watch the sequence of strokes, you might also watch a story unfold if I sketch it in the right order. That’s tricky for me as it requires a certain amount of planning, and I have been enjoying letting the drawing do its own thing to an extent. […]

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Mondoodle 16-11-09

Does it count if you can see the drawing completed in under the ten minutes? Possibly. I felt like doing something quite different today. My first jobs in illustration were doing fantasy work for some role-playing manuals. I did a lot of dragons and creatures back then, for fun as well as for work. And […]

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