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Inspiration & deadlines

It’s been a difficult week and one that has really shown me a reality of continuing my job with the twins on the scene. They’ve been sick on and off for well over a month now (a mixture of the one-year innoculations, child care and who-knows-what-else). Poor little guys. I’ve been used to working with […]

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The year to come

It’s a little hard to talk about the year to come although I feel very excited… because things aren’t pinned down yet. One thing that is is a series of covers I’m doing for a fantasy novel trilogy. I’m working on the roughs right now and trying out all sorts of ideas. I love reading […]

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I’m writing at a cafe with red lacquered doors, in the sunshine with my right foot jiggling the pram. It’s beautiful!

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So, it feels like time for a bit of an update while I wait for these lads of mine to arrive. Last year wound up much faster than I expected. There were some very exciting projects that I was all set to do – a possible library mural, a book with Penguin and finishing off […]

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Mondoodle 03-01-2011

Here’s one of my favourite character sketches of all time – it was for My Boots in Season which came out this… no! last year. Well, there we go. Happy New Year! What did you do? I sat quietly at home and dodged the heat. Waaay too hot in Melbourne that day with a score […]

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Mondoodle 21-06-2010

A little character that popped out tonight… Drawn in the lounge near the heater (winter is definitely here), 9pm on Monday 21st June 2010. She reminds me… I must see the Tim Burton exhibition soon. Anyone been?

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Attacked & Vanquished!

This is the All-Clear. If anyone visited this journal today and got a fright because you ended up somewhere bizarre (a short trip to virus land I suspect)… yes we were hacked. I sincerely hope that nothing went awry on your computers. Thank-you to Lulu for spotting it! To Damon for passing it on and […]

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Behind me, before me

I’ve been burning the midnight oil this past month, finishing off the last of my normal book jobs. We’ve had the oh-so-cute picture book My Boots in Season drawn, painted, fonted and handed in. And then yesterday I rode my bike into the city to hand in Sarindi’s Dragon Kite. What a job that was! […]

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The drawing two-step…

I was talking to someone outside the gym the other day and she said it must be hard to work from home. Not really, I said. True and not true. Today I find myself working but succumbing to my usual problem. No matter what I am working on I always seem to want to work […]

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Mondoodle 25-01-10

On Saturday night Peter and I went back to the Paris Cat. A birthday soiree for me. We caught the tram in and walked through the city. I brought a mounted print of the sketch from the last time we were there… and as a lovely surprise they gave us a beautiful bottle of champagne. […]

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