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Hot Press

The word is spreading about the exhibition… (I’m colour-coding in my excitement). “Inpress” have an article by Tony McMahon about the show out now – it’s a free street mag that you’ll find around the city. It’s really good too – a lot of depth and thought into what the show is trying to do. […]

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I can’t paint without music. I mean, I probably can but I wouldn’t want to. It’s the same with illustrating books and so it turns out that every book gets a soundtrack of music that keeps me in the mood. For this exhibition I seem to be hooked on… Sarah Blasko – especially As Day […]

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not all berets and brushes

I forget sometimes how much organisation there is to be done to get anything happening properly. In the countdown to the exhibition I was thinking… how many weeks, how many paintings to be completed? I was looking forward to a hectic and creative time of rampant oil painting! But there’s so much more. This last […]

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And the winner is…

Alright I’ve made a decision. Actually, you made it for me. Last weekend I printed out the two possible images for the postcards and put them out at the market with a score card. Then I asked people to vote on which image – the rabbit or the lion – they would be more likely […]

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Help! Name my exhibition

I have some tentative names for the exhibition and I’d love to hear your opinions. Please help! Do you think any of these conjure up my work (the animals oil-paintings series) or at least sound intriguing? I’ve had pages of ideas but these seem to be the closest and the ones that make it sound […]

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Mondoodle 08-03-2010

Over the weekend I have done two markets. The first was in the St Kilda Town Hall on Saturday. For those of you not in Melbourne, it was wrath-of-god type of day. I was well-inside the beautiful old hall – well-dwarfed by tall arches, well-sheltered by lofty ceilings… when half-way through the afternoon the skies […]

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Let there be Guppies

I have just discovered guppies. How did that take so long? It’s funny how many things I’ve been completely disinterested in until I drew one and suddenly shazaam. Instant obsession! It happened for a while with ships when I went down to the docks one day with my mum to paint the old tugboats at […]

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In the shadows of the night

You may have seen me working on this one at recent markets. Well, in the last week I’ve moved it and the cafe rabbit down to the living room to finish them off (too hot upstairs!) and here he is. I’m still making slight adjustments to the chair and background tones… but otherwise he’s about […]

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Too hot for the studio

So I’ve relocated downstairs to paint. One day I’ll have a nice air conditioner or at least well-paid polar bears waving ice cubes, but until then, there are some days you just don’t want to be up here. Tin roof and me caught between the sun and the hot air rising… There were people up […]

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tracing, revivification and travel

I have three things to say. 1. I love my lightbox. (Thank you Peter, lightbox-maker.) 2. I am gratefully much less dead now. 3. I will be in Sydney this weekend for ASA madness (Barbara Jefferis Award, AGM and Colin Simpson Memorial lecture – being given by the eloquent Shaun Tan) stretching from Friday evening […]

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