Writing & Painting

I’m sitting in Cafe Bagatelles on Rathdowne st. It’s become a regular Monday pilgrimage when I have writing to be done. I sit in a good corner where the glare doesn’t stop me reading the computer screen, the draft is slight, the music is quiet and I can glance up at the world beyond the window. There is a coffee to my right and a small biscuit on a small plate beside it. Were I on a red leather seat I could quite easily be the rabbit in my painting…

I had a quieter day yesterday at the exhibition. Anything would be quieter than the opening and family day! A steady flow of people came through – friends, family and strangers. I found out more stories about my pictures, saw people drawn to them in ways they didn’t expect, saw some children run around looking and another sit with his head buried in a game. You can’t win them all! And at the end of the day I painted a dark winter-blue coat on the hare in my new painting. I painted past 5pm, with the spotlight illuminating the work, the light outside dimming and a little heater warming my legs. Music played nearby and the picture stopped being a picture and started giving me ideas and possibilities – scenarios to weigh and plan. Lovely.

I’m looking forward to getting back in there on Tuesday.

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